Oddities of Video Games and other weird stuff

One of the more interesting pieces in my collection are my 3 non electronic Nintendo games.


The first one, which is just entitled “Roulette” which is, well, a Roulette set, it was produced I think in 1978-ish but there is no copyright on the box.


It includes 3 different coloured chips (each with the old Nintendo Logo on them), the actual Roulette wheel and a cloth playing mat.

Not really much to say about this one, you place a bet, spin the wheel and win some satisfaction about guessing the right number.

A neat piece, but very low on the excitement metre.


The Next game ” Balance Game” has you setting up a circus like apparatus.  The aim is to remove a certain amount of discs as determined by the spinner around the edges without toppling the circus dude on top.


My particular copy is actually missing a few of the white poles, but the man is supposed to be on top of another stick balancing, rather than nose planting the base.

It is rather difficult to put together because you really have to force all the pieces to “click” together, but that only makes it more sturdy once completed.


I cannot actually play the game as the Circus man cannot balance, but it looks like it would be pretty rad to give it a whirl one day if I was able to source the extra poles.



The final game for today is the awesome “Slugger Mate” by the Nintendo Playing Card Company Co. Ltd and produced in 1967.

It is basically an automatic baseball pitcher for all those people with no friends (like me I guess)



It runs off a single “D” cell battery.  Once turned on, it slowly rotates a metal prong around in a circle, which spins the pitcher arm.  You can adjust the power of which the pitcher throws the ball by moving a metal switch on the bottom of the unit, which removes or adds tension to a spring which is directly attached to the pitching arm.  The Plastic baseball bat is extendable.

A very cool toy, but I think the motor inside is starting to freeze as it is sounding a little rusty and worse for wear.

I have made a little video of the pitcher in action, enjoy.


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  1. […] uit de jaren ’60. We vinden onder andere een aangepaste versie van Nintendo’s roulette, compleet met NG (Nintendo Game) fiches. The World of Popular Games was één van Nintendo’s […]

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